IAU Working Group (WG) on Astronomy Competitions for Secondary School Students

This is a proposed working group on Astronomy Competitions for Secondary School students under commission C1 of IAU.
This working group will lay the groundwork and establish the best practice protocols, which may become guidelines for similar work to be done in the future by the Office of Astronomy for Education (OAE).

Goals of the proposed working group will be:

  • Develope a database of all international, regional and national astronomy competitions for pre-university students and prepare fact sheet for every such competition for the benefit of all IAU members.
  • Liaise with different NOCs to reach out to existing national astronomy competitions and initiate new ones.
  • Provide academic support, as per request, to any member country to hold any such competition.
  • Provide academic support for teacher training programs leveraging such astronomy competitions.

Organising Committee for WG:

  • Barclay, Charles (UK)
  • Kim, Yoo Jea (South Korea)
  • Komonjinda, Siramas (Thailand)
  • Stachowski, Grzegorz (Poland)
  • Sule, Aniket (India)

The proposed chair of the working group is Boonrucksar Soonthornthom (Thailand).